Monday, January 25, 2010


We had been invited to Rowena and Dick's 40th Wedding Anniversary last night. On the invitation, they had requested that there be no presents - except from anyone who had been at the wedding originally!!
Well, we did not qualify there, as Rowena and Dick only settled here from New Zealand about three years ago. But I felt the occasion needed something special, so I decided to make a card.
I started with a heart shaped window card, and used a background of dark red silk paper - to represent romance and the Ruby Anniversary. Then I did an arrangement of dried, pressed flowers, with a little gold adhesive butterfly.
While I was in the mood, I decided to make a few others, all using the same sort of materials.

The only pressed flowers I had handy were some hydrangeas and some May - but you can get a fair bit of variety with those. The older hydrangea flowers go a pretty green, and can be used as leaves. (Somewhere, I have some dried "Love-in-the-Mist", which would have been perfect - but I could not find them.)

I really had to scratch around to find some star shaped sequins for this one. I liked the ripple in the silk fusion.

This one is my favourite. It will be saved for a special birthday or another important occasion.

Meanwhile, although I have been feeling rather lazy and laid back in the hot weather, I decided to get stuck into completing a "commission."
At the Spring Fair, I had some Patchwork cushions in pink rose fabrics for sale.

Shirley had admired them, but felt they would not complement her colour scheme. She asked if I would consider making a pair in blues, and I agreed.
I found I did not have the same variety of rose and floral  prints in blue, but I had plenty of other lovely blue fabrics. I decided to base them around a blue rose fabric that was put out to promote funding for breast cancer some years ago. I also found a lovely toile fabric in dark blues whch would make a great "feature" fabric.

I pieced the fronts, and then pieced quite a length of frill in various blues.


Here is the finished result. Shirley has not seen them yet, but I hope she likes them!



Anonymous said...

love the cards, must show Rebecca as she makes all her own cards. See you on Saturday
Karen Mason

Karen said...

The cards and pillows are just lovely. I rather fancy the cards as that's something that I can't do myself and they look so wonderful.

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