Sunday, June 28, 2009

There are lots of good places to 'get-together' on Norfolk Island, and currently one of the favourites is for 'Breakfast at Governor's'. So a special occasion was planned for Teddy's 6th birthday last week, with family and close friends - and all the food you can eat!!! Even more special was the fact that his granny (my sister Sally) had made a special visit to Norfolk Island for the occasion!
Now Teddy loves loves exploring and discovering things. You might say he will be a scientist when he grows up, but Teddy insists he is already a scientist. So his Granny gave him a Scientist's outfit for his birthday, complete with white coat, specs and magnifying glass!
Another of Teddy's special passions is CUSHIONS! That may sound strange, but with cushions, you can count them, stack them, arrange them in patterns, balance them, cuddle them, throw them, jump on them, squeeze them, and when you a tired of all that, you can put your head down on them and have a rest.
Ross the Upholsterer keeps me supplied with remnants, so I made a set of cushions for Teddy using some very special fake fur fabric.

Kim made Teddy a special volcano and dinosaur cake - two more of his special interests! Sister Sienna is keen to tuck into some of that yummy icing.

William just loves parties, and we captured him in a fit of the giggles here.


Karen said...

Nice party and cute pictures of William.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of our little boy with the giggles, he is such a joy and I really miss him since coming home. Keep the photos coming Mary I really appreciate them

Karen M

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