Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Norfolk Island, not much happens on our Queen's Birthday Holiday of an organised or official nature. On Monday there was a wonderful opportunity for Norfolkers to get out of the house, abandon the normal daily routine, and enjoy what was an absolutely glorious winter's day.
Bernie suggested we head up to Palm Glen to catch the last day of 'Art in the Park.' There were many people walking up and down the mountain tracks, as well as enjoying the Exhibition and the views.
Some of the exhibits had already been dismantled, but we really enjoyed what was there.

This was a clever representation of a 'Barbie-Q'.Here is a wonderful display of colourful birds.The displays we most enjoyed were those from my niece, Tina. She had erected two large perspex sheets, which represented postcards from herself and her children.

The 'recipients' were invited to enjoy the view - and everyone who saw them certainly did just that!!

This 'postcard' reads:

Dear Annie

We wish you could come and visit us. Norfolk Island is beautiful all year round no matter what the weather is like.

My favourite view is of Phillip Island. The colours are always changing.

There are plenty of places for peace and quiet to relax. Some are easy to find, like the beach. Others are hidden.

It looks like we will be here for a long time. It is too nice to leave.

Hope you can come for a visit soon.


Crisitina Rose.

Then we went down to Cascade Pier, and there were lots of vehicles down there, people on the wharf fishing and cleaning fish, and fishing boats setting out or returning home with their catch.

Bernie and I decided to round off a beautiful morning by going to 'Hilli's' for lunch. On the way, we had seen the Pony Club kids riding up Cascade Road on a trail ride. I was not quick enough with my camera at that time, but was delighted to see them ride down Queen Elizabeth Avenue by the restaurant.

It was such a beautiful relaxing morning, and was a reminder that we should be very grateful to live in such a lovely place like Norfolk Island.

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Karen said...

It certainly is a beautiful place Mary. What a clever idea with the postcards.

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