Friday, June 05, 2009


On Friday John and his mates headed out to sea in "Gran Lady" for a day of fishing.

The seas were good, and they were hopeful of a good catch.

What they had not expected was that they would be joined in their fishing activities for the day by two large albatrosses!

These two magnificent birds, with wing spans of around two and a half metres, kept them company for most of the time.

At one stage the boys hooked a small gummy shark, and decided to use it for bait.
But when they opened it up there were three baby sharks inside.

They tossed these into the water, and to their amazement, they started swimming away. The albatrosses were immediately alert and interested, and seized on them with their beaks. But when they realised they were not the delicacy they were used to, they too released the baby sharks to continue their first swim into the unknown!

The two birds differed markedly in their beak colour. John has showed his photos to Margaret, our local bird expert, who is intrigued by the black and yellow beak on this one.

John's pictures will be forwarded to bird authorities on the mainland.

What a thrill and a privilege for the boys to meet these amazing creatures out there in their own emnvironment, and to actually spend time with them. Whether it was curiosity, or the possibility of a free feed that caused the birds to stay with the boat, we do not know, but the experience was a moving and memorable one for the boys.
And yes, they did catch some fish!


Gatto999 said...

Great shots !...

Anthony said...

The alby with the black and yellow beak is a Buller's Albatross

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