Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Tuesday Craft group has been meeting for about 16 years - now that is longevity!
A couple of times a year, we 'raid the kitty' and go out to lunch. Last week we had a special reason - to say goodbye to Maye, who, together with Pastor George has been with us on Norfolk Island for about five years. We had lunch at Hillcrest, and continued on in the dining room for our Craft session. Unfortunately, Ann, who actually manages the hotel, was called away urgently to New Zealand a day or two before.
Maye has really been a very valued member of the group, with her happy and optimistic nature, her wonderful stories, and her amazing "productivity" in the craft line. At the lunch, Maye unveiled her "Norfolk Island Quilt" which she has put together. We all contributed squares, and Maye added them to some of her own special blocks, and put together this wonderful reminder of her time on this island.
Around the border, Maye has placed applique flowers, using skills and techniques she learned while in Rarotonga.

This is one of the blocks I made for Maye, who has a passion for collecting pigs!

This is Annette's wonderful contribution. It shows the new church house, which the Porters moved into last year. It also shows George and Maye's amazing flower and vegetable gardens.

We will miss you and your lovely smile Maye. We hope that you and George really enjoy your retirement, and that you come back to Norfolk Island soon!

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