Tuesday, March 25, 2008


It is hard to believe that it is a whole year ago that Bernie and I waited in the hospital lounge in the middle of the night awaiting the news of our grandchild!

Yesterday, William had his first birthday. We actually began the celebrations a week ago, with a get-together with the New Zealand rellies before they went home after the wedding.
Mum Kim realy excelled herself with a cake made like a frog pond!

Then yesterday, there was a lunchtime picnic party with his little boyfriend babies and their Mums.

And last night, we held a specal fish fry here at Devon. Cousins Tina and Mike and their families came along too.

Tina, Kate and Mike watch on as he opens his cards and presents

With all these parties, including the wedding, William has become quite a party boy, and has taken great delight in being passed from arm to arm and making new friends.

Our little man is a real joy. He just loves to laugh - and to make other people laugh! He has a great sense of humour.

Teddy and Sienna help with blowing out the candles

Overnight he seems to have changed from a baby to a toddler - although he is not quite "toddling" yet. He is, however, very mobile, crawling and scrambling and climbing and exploring all over the place, with a noisy accompaniment of baby chatter.
I hope you will enjoy these pictures. I know his other grandparents in New Zealand - Karen and John -will enjoy seeing them!

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Anonymous said...

Mary as usual you have outdone yourself, the photos are wonderful and your words express how we all feel he is a great joy.
Love Karen

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