Wednesday, March 12, 2008


With Kim and Charles' wedding rapidly approaching this Saturday, there has been much activity at Devon. The ceremony is to take place at Simon's Water, but the reception -for about 175 guests - will be here at home. The importance of the occasion demanded a little more than mere spit and polish.
The house is freshly painted

There has been much removal of dust and clutter inside the house, although at times it seems as if we are merely re-arrangeing both! Those jobs which received attention early in the piece already need doing again, and the constant mould, and the dust from the sanding being done by the painters on the outside have not helped!

While the window frames dry, they are wrapped in plastic. The atmosphere inside was eerie!

The outside of the house has been receiving a much-needed facelift, with a fresh coat of cream paint, and trims of Rivergum green and a warm yellow. John has been re-spraying the verandah furniture to match, and it is all looking great.

Unfortunately, the foggy rain has come again, causing many concerns. It is making it hard for the painters to finish the job. The aircraft which are supposed to bring our overseas visitors are delayed. And there is the all-important decision - do we proceed with plans for an open-air wedding here at Devon, albeit using marquees, or do we go for Plan B???

Do you like our new colour scheme?


Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful - best wishes for sunshine and a fantastic day for the wedding!
Quilty hugs

Anonymous said...

I really like the yellow and green it looks good. Here's to hoping everything works out for the happy couple.

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