Wednesday, March 19, 2008


At 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, we gathered out at Simon's Water, near the clifftop overlooking Cascade Bay. The fog and drizzle of earlier in the week were gone, there was barely a wisp of cloud in the sky, and the afternoon sun sparkled on the calm sea.

There was a spirit of happy anticipation as we chatted over our champagne/orange juice and awaited the bridal party. The children -and some adults - happily began blowing some of the bubbles that had been provided.

The bridal party arrived in style - in Marie's old A-model Ford truck, which had been the very first "tourist bus" on Norfolk Island. They came up the mown strip to the accompaniment of the bagpipes. Then they came up the specially created "aisle" with the words of "Falling in Love"(sung by best man Brandt "Elvis" McRitchie) providing a very moving atmosphere.
The sincere joy and happiness as Charles and Kim spoke their specially and individually composed vows to each other was palpable.

After the ceremony, the Ultralite flew over, to take photographs from the air, and to release a wonderful trail of confetti and tickertape - which, in spite of their best efforts, drifted out to sea.

Finally the whole party of guests gathered together for one large photo. Then the bridal party travelled to Kingston for some more "posed" and formal photographs, while the guests made their way to Devon.
I do not have any official photographs yet, nor have I seen any of those several thousand that seem to have been taken by various friends and family members. I am just showing a few of the candid shots I took myself.

As you can see, we partied, ate, cheered and celebrated well into the night.

The whole day was just magic.

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Anonymous said...

Mary & Bernie
Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for letting Kim use your lovely home as a setting for her and Charles wedding. We had a wonderful time and your hospitality was very much appreciated. Love the photos.

Karen & John

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