Monday, March 17, 2008


Years of dreaming...

Months of planning...

Weeks of organising...

Days of preparation...

And on Saturday, on a beautiful and balmy Autumn afternoon, we joyfully celebrated Kim and Charles' marriage to each other.

I have included just one small photo of the ceremony (to whet your appetite)...more will come later. But first I would like to tell you some of what goes into the preparation and planning.

From the outset, I must tell you that it was our Kim who was the inspiration and organiser of this very wonderful day. What was a very relaxed, happy, informal, and homely occasion only happened as a result of her extreme hard work and thought and care...right down to the very last detail!

Trying on the flower girls' dresses

Wrapping cutlery for 180 guests

Marquees were hired from the Administration - but needed to be scrubbed clean first!

Family and friends all came to lend a hand to erect the two big marquees and fix lights all around!

The table setting is underway! Kim's sister Bec, her friend Alex and Miriam all lend a hand.

John waterblasts the patio ready for the food tables

Ed tackles the job of cleaning kitchen windows

Mal helps set up the bar area on the front verandah, complete with Brandt's (t)rusty old homebrew dispensing frig!

William and Roany the dog are somewhat nonplussed by all the fuss

And it is all looking good!

And the food? Well, like most other things on Norfolk Island, this is usually a do-it-yourself affair, in the absence of wedding caterers and Reception places. Just one week before, when the catering arrangements suddenly went awry, the task was taken on by the magnificent Kathleen. Joanne and Glen offered the facilities of the kitchen at Bounty Lodge, which is a former restaurant. Dishes and equipment were borrowed from all and sundry.Two pigs were fattened for the occasion at Devon Cottage, and baked in the local Baker's oven. And when I tasted the wonderful pork and marvellous crackling, I tried not to think about my former neighbours!

"Speed" came to the part with a young steer, which was roasted to perfection on a spit. Fish was served baked whole, as Tahitian Fish, and as Fried Fish nibbles while we waited for the bridal party at the Wedding Reception.

John preparing the fish fry

Lance may have been a guest, but on Norfolk everyone lends a hand!

The netball girls earned some funds by helping with the serving and cleaning up on the night. The magnificent Croquembouche was made by the South Pacific Hotel - and consisted of hundreds of profiteroles all the way through!

The young guys like Joshua here helping on the bar did a wonderful job

Now I have told you that it was the lovely bride Kim who worked the hardest to make sure that this was a wonderful occasion for all her family and friends who wanted to share in her happiness. I came into the kitchen during the evening, and found her at the kitchen table helping get the desserts ready! That is the sort of girl she is, and that is why we love her so much!

These lovely island pies - coconut, passionfruit and lemon - were baked by Christine Sheridan


Anonymous said...

congratulations. It all looks fantastic.
I catered for my wedding also...spent the day making melon ball baskets..7pm wedding. Did not go in the kitchen in my whites though.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic wedding and the bride looks absolutely beautiful and glowing like a bride should. They make a lovely couple.

I glad that everything turned out fine and the weather behaved for you all.


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