Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The big day has arrived, and the finishing touches have finally been put to the new Government launch that has been taking shape in John's Joinery over the past few months. That's Darren, John's trusty offsider in the picture.
It has been a wonderfully satisfying project, not only for the fellows in the Joinery, but for all those who have called in to check on the progress and lend a hand on a regular basis.
In the late afternoons after work, there would often be a number of fellows gathered there around the boat, helping out with a bit of sanding or painting, or just running their hands over the surface as blokes love to do with timber (a bit like us women with fabric.) There has been a wonderful sense of community pride about the whole project, especially as this is the first time the Government launch has been built on the island for some decades.
The pride and excitement were very evident on Monday when the boat was finally loaded onto its trailer and towed out of Devon Cottage. There was a sizeable audience of helpers and onlookers, and much clicking of cameras to record the occasion.
In the picture below, the launch is heading out of the Devon Cottage driveway on its way to the Administration Works Depot for its final fitting out, ready for the christening in a week or two's time. Are you wondering what the name will be? Well, watch this space?

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