Saturday, June 17, 2006

In this modern throw away world, it is so good to know that there are people who still like to recycle, especially when it is 60-70 year old lace!!!
Our friend Margaret has been visiting the island again with husband Tony, and brought me another bag of very precious pieces of lace, which she inherited from her mother. I mentioned before that Margaret's mother used to sew lingerie for clients, real heirloom sort of stuff, although I suppose it was normal in those days. Sadly, none of her skills were passed on to her daughter, who was even denied access to the sewing room as a child.
After seeing some of the things I do with lace, Margaret brought me a few pieces on her last visit. She said the delighted expression on my face was worth a million thank yous, and so she has brought me more.
Some of these pieces are actually pre-made petticoat frills (like tablecloth edgings). There are also some beautiful insert and applique pieces, and edgings....all in fine cotton.
A couple of the laces have brown marks in spots, but I have no desire to remove those. I feel they add to the "patina" and ambience of these lovely textiles.
It is going to be hard for me to cut into those petticoat frills, but Margaret says she doesn't mind, and is quite happy to see them given a new life in something new that someone will treasure.
Meanwhile, my daughter has been home for a break, and admits to being horrified at the extent of my stash. She went and had a look at everything I had in the attic (stuff that will be "vintage" one of these days.) She is dreading the giant garage sale when I pass on to the Great Sewing Room in the Sky, but I told her that if I can't take it with me, then I am leaving it to my younger granddaughter, who loves the sort of treasures that I do!

Meanwhile, we have also had a visit from Eleanor and Kelly from Benalla. Kelly used to be the Bank Manager here, and was about the last of the good old-fashioned family bank managers! Eleanor brought a lovely gift for me...a little bag of treasures, carefully chosen...some Robyn Pandolph rose fabrics, a rich Japanese crane print, some beads, beaded fringing and some ribbon. People are so kind and thoughtful!

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ancient clown said...

I freely give you Art of Wire Tree-making to share with the children.
"To give a person a tree is to give them a present, but to teach a person how to make a tree is a gift for life."
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

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