Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I know their friends in Tahiti and other parts of the world are keenly following their activities on Norfolk Island, so I thought I would let you know a bit more about what Gladys, Gladys, Sylvia, Mile, Amelie, Amelia, Mile, and Moana..and their Norfolk cousins... have been up to!
We have been out on an Island Bus trip, we have had afternoon tea at our Legislative Assembly and at Government House, there have been lunches and dinners all about, including a couple of meals at Mokutu Inn where they are staying. After the special day at Simon's Water, we enjoyed another pot-luck supper, and an evening of music, singing and dancing at Roy and Mai Nobbs.
There has been lots of laughter and fun times, and last night at Cat's Cafe was no exception. About 35 of us gathered to enjoy one of Ngaire's delicious island smorgasbords.
Tom and Ann took turns on the old pianola, with the wonderful collection of there was no need for the ukeles to come out this time.
The highlight of the evening was when Greg Quintal decided to get in touch with his Tahitian roots! He donned a long black wig, a grass skirt, and sported an enormous pair of bare boobs. Now if you had seen Greg(who is well into his eighties) dancing, you would never believe that a year or two ago they wanted to remove one of his legs, and he was very sick man. Fortunately Greg decided he was too"attached" to his legs, and so he was able to enjoy last night to the fullest!
They say a good belly laugh is good for you..and we certainly had the benefit of that last night.
The language differences have not been a problem....our French is improving, as is the Tahitians' English, but laughter and hugs are universal!!
Today we are all busy cooking!
Charles has brought me some taro, yams and cassava from his garden over at the Pitcairn settlers' Village..I hope it will remind our visitors of home!
The weather is just beautiful. We hope it keeps up tomorrow!

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