Thursday, June 01, 2006

It is just one week away from our special 150th Anniversary (Bounty) Day, and the party time has begun! You would not believe the crowds of locals at the airport yesterday meeting the planes....lots of family, relatives and friends coming home for a week or two join in the special celebrations.
Our daughter Miriam arrived from New Zealand, and on the same plane was the Tahitian contingent, whose visit we have been planning for over the past few months. Miriam's friend from Matamata, Gayleen, had arrived a few days earlier.
Last night there was a big Pot Luck Supper here at "Devon", to welcome everyone and renew friendships. About 55 people came along and shared in the food and festivity.
Two big long tables absolutely groaned with wonderful dishes of delicious food, mostly hot dishes...and with the weather a little on the cool side, we really did it justice, with lots going back for seconds.
Several people had brought along photo albums, with lots of pictures taken in Tahiti in October, and everyone had fun reminiscing about the good times they had!
We had made up gift bags for our visitors, with some brochures, a book, a Bounty mug, a Ball Bay stone with "Tahiti - Pitcairn- Norfolk" laser engraved on it and in its own little bag, a pen engraved with the recipient's name, a Norfolk bookmark and a T-shirt. These were presented during the evening by David Buffett on behalf of us all, and there was much hugging and kissing (French style!)
There was plenty of singing and music, with Moana (from Tahiti) and Matt (from Norfolk) accompanying on their ukekeles, and Gladys providing some rhythm playing the spoons! Most of the singing was in French, but we kept time in English!!
The kids had a great time running round in the dark, and when they had exhausted their energies, they retired in front of the TV while the grown ups partied on.
Our visitors had travelled a long way, so it was not a late night, but it was a bit too late for one little fellow, who sought the comfort of his grandpa's arms.

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