Friday, January 27, 2006

There are many exciting things happening in the Norfolk Island community in this, our sesqui-centenary year. But for us as a family, yesterday was a very special occasion when we went to Government House for the Australia Day celebrations, and saw Bernie receive a Citizen of the Year award.

It was a complete surprise to him, and he was quite modest about it, but we all know how well it is deserved. He is a man who is always seeking to make his home and a community a better place, and does so without seeking any power or prominence or recognition. If there is anything he can do to help out with time or resources, he just does it!

He was supposed to have retired ten years ago, but is as active and busy as ever, with voluntary jobs, as well as helping the kids out. He often says things like"We were put on earth to help our kids" or "I don't mind doing whatever I can to help wherever I am able!" He is a great encourager of young people "starting out", and is a strong believer in supporting local ventures and community pursuits.

Bernie is a wonderful husband, father and friend. He deeply loves his island and is very proud of his heritage. And we are very proud of him !!!

The picture shows Bernie with his award, with his sister Norma and our son Charles in the background

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bernie.Mary's beautiful writing sums up a gentle and generous man.

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