Sunday, January 15, 2006

Our granddaughter Emily(9) is staying with us for 4-5 weeks, and the night before last, her Auntie Kim organised a sleepover. Just imagine six 8-9 year olds enjoying 24 hours of wonderful girlie activities planned lovingly by an auntie who is still young enough to know the sort of things little girls love....and energetic enough to join in!
The first evening there was a lolly hunt in the big shed, races on the front lawn, Twister, hamburgers at the beach, hide-and-seek among the convict ruins, then back home for a nail-painting session, popcorn, board games, then bed time (with much giggling and chattering before they finally setled down to sleep.)
In spite of the late bedtime, the girls were awake soon after 4 a.m. but had firm instructions to allow Uncle Charles at least a couple more hours sleep.
The next morning, there was a barbecue breakfast up at the big house, then off to Silky Oaks Stables for horse riding. Emily was able to ride Tammy, who is now a grand old lady of 26. Em's mother and uncles used to ride her when she and they were young!
In the afternoon, there was swimming down at the bay, and finally a game of Mini-golf before pick-up time.
I think Kim deserves a medal! Especially as the most memorable parts of the occasion, according to the girls, were when Uncle Charles pretended the truck had run out of petrol on the hill coming up from Kingston, and when he put his head around the bedroom door that night wearing an ugly mask, sending them into paroxysms of high-pitched screaming and laughter! Trust a man to steal the show with so little effort. 'Twas ever thus!

Emily Jade(L) and Emily Jane(R) with Ding-a-ling and Tammy.


Von said...

Hi Mary! I just found your blog via In a Minute Ago. Loved reading your stories, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you!!

aykayem said...

Hi Mary,
Love the blog!
- glad you took the plunge and found out how easy it is :-)
(actually I find that the hardest part is getting around to putting stuff on there when I am busy doing other things, like actually making quilts or something ;-)
DH and I have never been game to let more than one kid "sleep over" at a time ... especially if it is our almost teenage DD and her giggly girlfriends ... DS (age 15) actually has a friend here tonight - but it is not a sleepover - they are having a "wakeover" because they don't plan on actually going to sleep!
(they didn't the last 2 times the same person stayed here either!)
disorganied in Dunlop
(a suburb of Canberra)

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