Saturday, January 14, 2006

I have been serendipitously thrust into the world of blogging.
It all started when I could not resist posting a comment on Melody's blog about portraying the natural world in textiles. Maybe I should have kept quiet and emailed her personally...but before I knew it, I had registered my very own blog.
To be honest, I have thought about it many times. I love recording thoughts and ideas, but was put off by the technical side of it all. I realise it will be a challenge, particularly if I wish to learn to post photos, and it will require some discipline on my part!
But I do love the interaction that the internet has made possible with the world at large, although I recognise this can also be used for negative purposes too.
But it is my intention to be positive, wholesome, encouraging and inspiring. And hopefully a little self -exploration and satisfying feedback will also come as a bonus!
Well, that is Day One! It wasn't difficult, was it?


Sharon said...

Welcome Mary!!!! You will soon get the hang of this 'blogging thing' -I have been blogging just under a year now - it was a bit of a challenge for me but the more I did the more apt I became... Look forward to hearing more from you...

Helen said...

Hi Mary, welcome to a great community. Looking forward to hearing more of your island life and seeing your fabric creations. All the best from the isle of lewis - scotland

Anonymous said...

Welcome Mary, I started blogging almost two month ago - I can't believe its been so long already! I looked around a long time, read a lot of blogs but also had problems with the technical side. Finally I took the plunge and think it is a good thing.
I wanted to to a knitting or craft blog, but it didn't turn out that way, I am not very crafty or very knitty at the moment.
Hope to read more from you.
By the way, I am living in switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Hi I do not have a blog but find them intersting to read. Mary your blogs are so informative and having paid a short visit to the Island a few years back found them very interesting reading. There is so much to see and do nd the touristy atractions are really good I was involved in a Dragon Fly round robin with you some time back

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