Monday, March 16, 2020


Thought I would post again to try and establish a blogging routine.
This morning before Church, I had a call from Bindi. She said she had scones and cream for our morning tea after church, and could I manage a jar of guava jelly?
I told Bindi I thought I had one more jar from last year's batch. Then I decided that was a bit mean. Why not share the 'firstfruits" of 2020 with the congregation? So the first 3 jars have already been consumed and enjoyed!

In the meantime, I thought you may enjoy this little needlework collage I did quite a while back, of our cherry guavas.
Actually this is one of my needlework pieces that I am planning to turn into a card. My friend Annie is helping me with that.

My best guava bush is growing right by our front verandah. It got a good picking yesterday, but there are more ready to pick today.
more guava jelly coming up! Sounds like a good activity to keep me busy while tomorrow's expected cyclone is trying to scare us.

Today is Cyclone Day. We were without power at our place for several hours. So I got busy processing all the juice I had on the gas stove. 13 large and several small jars of yummy guava jelly! A productive morning on a rather miserable day.

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