Friday, March 13, 2020



Hello, I am back. Later in the post I will tell you what has sent me back to my blog after all these years.
But first, let me show off my first batch of guava (porpay) jelly for the 2020 season.

I have made guava jelly on and off ever since I came to this island nearly 54 years ago....with varying degrees of success. Sometimes it was OK. But sometimes it took so long to cook that it ended up more like black toffee.
The old island cooks told me the best jelly was light and clear.
Two or three years ago my friend Connie gave me some hints for success. Connie made guava jelly for many years to sell.
Ever since learning Connie's secrets, I have been doing well with it. Sometimes it comes to its setting point before I can set out the jars!
I said this was my first batch for this year. However, one day last week I set a pot of guavas on to boil and went off to work on a sewing project. A couple of hours later, a smell of burnt fruit wafted down the hallway. That pot is still sitting out under the poinciana tree and I hope the sun and the rain will eventually do the trick getting rid of the burnt layer of guava pulp.
Today's batch turned out beautifully. It set really quickly, and is clear as glass and a delicate pink colour. These jars will go on sale over at the Pitcairn Settlers' Village.
Now to explain just briefly why I have decided to return to blogging.
This week I have sent a few hours with Rob and Ollie Willis, who are working on an oral history project for the National Library in Canberra. In the lead up, Rob had contacted me by phone from his home in Forbes and said he had become aware of my Devonhouse Recollections blog. I told him about my political blog "Angels and Eagles". He asked if I minded if he recommended to the National Library that these be included in their extensive repository of files.
The long and short of it is that the Library agreed, and thanked Rob very much for this suggestion. Up to this time they have had websites included in their Treasure Trove, but never before have they had blogs. Mine are the first!
It was probably Facebook, with all its instant gratification, that originally distracted me from blogging.
But I am back...I have so much to tell!

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