Thursday, July 04, 2013


 Our  gorgeous little grandson Nate is THREE - That calls for a celebration!
 There were cousins and aunties and uncles and grandparents there to help celebrate the occasion.

Kim had made a cake with an airplane on top - Nate just loves planes

 All the kids wanted to be there when the cake action began!

 Big brother Liam was really enjoying helping his little mate.

Dad helped cut the cake ...

While Mum and others of us took photos...

Then Mum took over...

 Dessert was cake, jelly and custard - what else do you need?

 Then it was time to open presents...

 A new drink bottle!
 What's this? A doll! Nate exclaimed. Yes, a Baboushka doll of his very own, because Nate just loves to play with Granny's one.
 A pause to sample his favourite avocado dip!

 The other kids had fun with the Baboushkas too.

 Who said boys don't like to play with dolls?

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Anonymous said...

It seems like yesterday that he was just a little baby, how the time flies.

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