Saturday, June 15, 2013


In the evening of Bounty Day we have a community Ball. Jade and Liam have been practising their dancing for weeks. Jade and her family called in to Devonside before going to the ball, and took some photos.

 Jade is holding a little rosebud posy that Liam asked me to make for her.
 Nate and Liam both wore their new tuxedos!
 Unfortunately Nate, who had a BIG day, fell asleep before the Ball!
 All the children who had been learning their dance steps gathered at the front of Rawson Hall. They all looked so smart in their special gowns and suits.
 Miriam wore the dress and shoes that her daughter Emily had worn to her School Formal! I am not sure that Emily knows about it yet!
 Bernie is waiting to present the prize he gives each year for one of the Junior Waltz competitions.

 Liam was really excited about it all, but I think Jade was feeling a little nervous.
 Here they are on the Dance Floor. We started off with a Barn Dance.

 The young ones were just beautiful to watch.

 I am not sure what Liam is doing here- is he looking at something, or asking his lovely partner a question?

 The Rhythm Barn Dance really got them swinging......

 As it went on, Liam was really enjoying himself, and improvising the movements...I think he is going to be more comfortable on the dance floor than his parents!
 Meanwhile my friend Andrea just loves to dance. Her cousin Jeanette brought her to the Ball.
 Here she is with Uncle Tom.

It was great to see the little ones dancing not only with bigger kids, but with the adults. There was a lovely community and family atmosphere.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's marvellous that the children are all learning to dance at such a young age.

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