Sunday, July 21, 2013


 You know, now we are retired and home a lot more, it is great to have the love, loyalty and companionship of the dogs and cats. And I think the feeling is mutual, because we seem to have more than our full share!
First of all, there is Digby, our old longhaired chihuahua, who is nearing 13 years of age. He is getting a bit arthritic, but he still gets around quite a bit, checking out the property and visiting friends and neighbours. 

Then there is Mitti, who belongs to our son Peter. She is half dalmation and half labrador and a bit of something else. She is nearing 12 years of age. She lives out at Steele's Point, but finds her way to  our place most days, either from home or from wherever Peter is working. She has many dalmation qualities, and is very alert and loyal.

 Roany is Mitti's full brother, from the same litter. He belongs to Kim and Charles, who live just behind us, but spends most of his day with us and eats and sleeps here too. Roany inherited the dalmation spots, but is more of a lab in character. Like his sister, he enjoys the company of "Granny and Grandad." We call Mitti and Roany our "grandddogs."
 It is great having granddogs, just like it is wonderful to have grandsons living so close.

Now in the winter time, we really enjoy our sunny front verandah - and so do all the animals. This includes Ruby, our other chihuahua.
 Sometimes feel like it an old dogs' home....... 
.......except for Ruby, who is a frisky 2 year year old, and sometimes wants to play when the others just want to "veg" out.
Some days the cats join them.... this is Mr Shingles, getting up close to Roany.

 Liam and Nate love the animals.

 And they feel quite relaxed and at home with the boys too.

Now here is a picture of Sylvie, who did not join us for the photo shoot this time. Here she is sunning herself on the back verandah.
 Sylvie has been with us for just on a year now, and has really settled in well. We are her third ownwes, the others have left the island and had to find a new home for her. She gets on well with the dogs, but unfortunately she cannot stand the other cat, Mr Shingles. We think she is five years old, and is very pretty.
And here below, for a little bit of nostalgia, is a picture of our beautiful Basil, who died just over a year ago. He used to soak up the sun in his hammock on top of the shadehouse!

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