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Ever feel like you would really like to get away from the hum drum and rush of the modern world? That is what a group of Norfolk fellows (and one lady) did a month ago.Even here on Norfolk, although much more peaceful and calm than the mainland, we tend to get caught up in our own bustling and pressured rat race relatively speaking.
Two of our boys, John and Charles, were invited to join the group.
The idea was to fly up to the island of Tana in Vanuatu, mainly to celebrate the birthday of one of the locals up there, Iaken, who had visited Norfolk recently.
They travelled directly in two small aircraft belonging to local Norfolk people. It turned out that this was the very first direct flight from Norfolk to Tana.

 Approaching Tana...

 We're here!!!

 Iaken was there to meet them, and this was the start of four days of wonderful hospitality in what seemed like another world! It was right off the usual tourist track.
 Fish was on the menu much of the time- here is Boo making some food preparations in the kitchen of their beachside accommodation!
 The markets were a real eye opener. They certainly eat a healthy diet compared to the Western world!

 The boys could not get over the beautiful citrus fruit. The mandarins were the sweetest they ever tasted, even though the skins were green.
 This is one way of avoiding plastic bags - plait your own baskets from palm leaves.

 The girls made the fellows feel special with their leis.
 And the local band provided entertainment.
 This pig was destined for the birthday feast.
 And here is where much of the cooking took place. Even if you have a proper indoor kitchen, everyone here prefers to use one like this. Saves a lot of fuel and cleaning up, and cooking becomes a family and communal activity.

The boys only stayed there for four days, but they did so much and saw so many things they had never experienced before. I will tell you more in the next post.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting a much simpler way of life for sure. Loved all the pictures of the market, pineapples were huge.

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