Saturday, August 18, 2012


I have just realised I have not introduces you to the newest member of the household. This is Sylvie.

Sylvie has been with us for about 5-6 weeks now. She is about four years old, and as you can see, she is a beautiful silvery grey creature.
How did she come to live here at "Devon."?
Well, as you know, we lost our lovely Basil a couple of months ago. A week or two after that, I overheard a conversation about a cat who needed a home. The speaker, Duncan, was saying she was a lovely grey colour and the smoogiest cat he had ever known. Now that sounded just like a description of dear old Basil.
Of course, I had to ask about it.

Duncan told me the cat belonged to Lisa, who loved her dearly, but needed to find a new home for her, because she was leaving the island. Duncan and Gaewyn were accustomed to minding her while Lisa was on holidays, but were unable to take her on permanently because they were planning some extended trips away in the near future. So the long and short of it was that she came to live with us.
Now the cat's name was "Hootie." I think this name was given to her by her original owner before Lisa (also left the island.) "Hootie" is a Norfolk word, meaning to make a hash of something, or to mutilate. I cannot imagine why anyone would want to call a cat that name. But if you look closely at the photo below, you just be able to see that she has some front teeth missing. So it may have something to do with "a dog's dinner."!!

 I renamed her "Sylvie" which is much prettier for a very feminine cat.
She has finally settled in, although it took her a while to get used to all the dogs, and the strange noises and all the comings and goings here at Devon.
She and Mr Shingles have called a truce after a lot of initial hissing and growling. Mr Shingles was just getting used to being "top cat" after Basil's departure.
 They even agree to share the sun out on the back patio, and as you can see, Sylvie looks quite relaxed about it all. She even has the dogs sorted out after a mischievous chase or two on the part of Digby and Ruby. She has learned to stare them down.
 Sylvie came with about six months supply of food, which was a real bonus, and also all sorts of rugs, cushions, grooming equipment and toys. She was obviously much cherished by Lisa - and she has found a special spot in our hearts now. Even Bernie seems to be quite fond of her, even though he raised objections to the adoption in the first place!!

 Sylvie is definitely here to stay!

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Anonymous said...

She's a lovely cat and seems like she has a good playful nature from the photos.

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