Friday, August 03, 2012


Here are some more pictures of the amazing time the boys spent on Tana in Vanuatu. I would love to have been there, but I also enjoy sharing the experience through their pictures - and I hope you do too!

 One day they were able to visit a little village up in the hills, even further off the tourist route! The welcome was warm and genuine.

 A gathering of the menfolk.
 These men above are making fire in the traditional manner.

 More entertainment...
There was welcome, warmth and kindness wherever the boys went. That is our son John on the right. Thjis is his third visit to Vanuatu, but he was further north in Sola on Vanua Lava on the other two.

A visit to a Kava bar. These are common in Vanuatu, where the plant grows well. Kava is prepared fresh each day, and the custom is to drink it in the late afternoon and early evening, until supplies run out. Then return home for the evening meal, feeling relaxed and calm.
 Kava bars are very quiet places, nothing like a western "pub."
 Charles enjoys his Kava even back here on Norfolk.
 But most of the other boys still preferred their beer.
 More food preparation for the feast. A goat is hung and prepared.
 Singeing off the fur - or is it "hair" as in "hairy goat"??
 Everyone is busy...
 Ritchie tries his hand (leg?) at climbing for coconuts
 It is a long way up!
 Back in the indoor kitchen, with a few "mod cons" like an electric light, and a gas stove,"Speed" is helping out.

 These pigs are probably destined for another celebration some time in the future.....
 The housing is very different to what you and I are used to. The roof is still fashioned in a traditional way, but for the walls, it is whatever you can lay your hands on...

A very beautiful place. Living would not be easy for these people, but they are able to achieve many things using skills and values that we have lost long ago.
I have many more pictures, and will post again with some of them. I hope you are enjoying the getaway and the the refreshingly different experience as much as I am!

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Anonymous said...

What a unique trip for the guys to experience. Thanks for sharing Mary.

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