Monday, September 06, 2010


Bounty Lodge is a lovely old Norfolk Island home, once belonging to the Jenkins family.

 For the past 40 years it has been used, on and off, as a restaurant and function centre. A few years ago, Bernie's niece Joanne purchased the property, including the large area of park-like land around it. Since that time, it has been a very popular place for Norfolk Island locals to gather for celebrations and special occasions.

We chose Bounty as a venue for a farewell lunch for Rev. David Duchesne and his wife Bernie. David has been our Chaplain for the past three months and we have all become very fond of them both.
David is probably telling one of his famous jokes in this picture!

About 38 members of our church family gathered, and all had a wonderful time.

When I first arrived, I caught Joanne and Ernie by surprise in the recently refurbished kitchen.

Everything was beautifully laid out for our smorgasbord lunch.

Afterwards there was a birthday cake for Bernie, who had celebrated her special day two days previously.

 We all enjoyed a slice of the cake with ice cream for dessert.

The Duchesnes were presented with a Norfolk pine bowl as a parting and thank you gift.

There is always a great atmosphere at Bounty Lodge.

And joanne, Ernie and Archie are great hosts -and great around food too!

The grounds around "Bounty" are spacious and relaxing.

Thee are plenty of great spots to sit and dine both inside and out!

If you are ever visiting Norfolk Island, make sure you put Bounty Lodge at the top of your list of places to go!

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Karen said...

The lodge looks beautiful, and peaceful.

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