Sunday, August 09, 2009


I know I always seem to be writing about birthday gatherings. For one thing you can't beat a good Norfolk party. But I am also conscious of those Norfolkers who live away from here, who "tune in" to this blog to see what has been going on. I know lots of them enjoy seeing some of the old Norfolk faces, even if it makes them feel a bit homesick!
Last week Vonnie had a "significant" birthday. She told me "It is just another day", which is true, and when you get to our age, they are all "big" numbers. But that doesn't stop us having fun!!

The party was a potluck supper in Don's Shed. Actually it is looking less like a shed each time I go there. It is hard to believe that this lovely hall, with that great big stage, used to be an aluminium joinery workshop.

Anyway, the first important task for the evening was to fit Vonnie out with her gown and crown.

I did not get a picture of the food, but "potluck" is a very tame description of what you eat at a typical Norfolk gathering. Most of the food was hot, ideal for a winter's night.
When we had all had more than enough to eat, it was time to light the candles on the two cakes - a big chocolate mudcake, and a croquembouche.
We all joined in singing happy birthday, and wishing this lovely lady all the best.

Typically, all the kids gathered round when it came time to cut up the cakes!

When the music started, Roy got Vonnie up for a dance.

Archie was on the piano, Wiggy on his T-chest bass, the Nobbs boys on their guitars and ukeleles, and Roy on his harmonica.

Soon there were 8 or 9 Norfolk musicians up on that stage, including Vonnie herself on her spoons.
And not a sheet of music between them!


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