Wednesday, April 08, 2009


It is hard to believe that two years have passed since that night that Bernie and I sat in the nurses' lounge at our local hospital awaiting news of our grandson's arrival!

It was with much joy that we greeted him then, and he still gives us great joy.

As his language develops, he finds it easier to call both of us "Granny". He often spends days with us when Kim is working, and he is a delight to have around. And those hugs and kisses and cuddles are better than winning the lottery!

When he turned two recently, he actually had three celebrations.

The first was at his Daycare, on the actual day of his birthday. A litle party was organised and all the children sat (using their very best manners) at the outdoor table and joined in. Kim had made a Pirate cake. Charles helped William to blow out the candles and to cut it.

Yummy, that 's good! Well, the icing is anyway!

They set the Jumping Castle up, and everyone had great fun!

That evening we had a small family gathering to see William open his presents. I bet they won't be able to make him wait until the evening next year!

He had great fun, and Sienna and Teddy joined in the spirit of the occasion too, and added to his enjoyment!

The following Sunday, there was the big party at the Parish Centre, with lots of his friends, and a few parents and grandparents too.

It was Pirate party and Kim had supplied pirate outfits for everyone. Evdn some of the grown ups donned headscarves and eye patches!

There was another wonderful Pirate Cake, and our talented Tina had painted a special Pirate picture!

The present opening was so overwhelming that William enlisted a bit of help from James.It was a big day for our "big" boy, and it is obvious that he is just like his Mum when it comes to making the most of enjoying an "occasion!"


Karen said...

So cute, I remember you waiting for his arrival because I believe the first post I read of your blog was a celebration of some sort and you had pictures of his mom pregnant and then next time I checked he'd been born. My how times flies by so quickly, it was just like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Time does fly I remember lying in bed waiting for Charles to phone and tell us all was well. It was such a delight to hear we had a grandson. We are very lucky, he is such a joy and loved catching up with him and Kim and Charles in Auckland at Easter.

Looking forward to lots of cuddles in June

Karen M

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