Saturday, April 18, 2009


Our community Arts Society would undoubtedly be one of the hardest working groups on this island, and several times a year they manage to stage an event that showcases the talents of people on the island and encourages everyone to have a go.

The Annual Art Exhibition is no exception, and I am constantly amazed at the diverse creativity that can be found on this island.

Gone are the days when an Art/Craft Exhibition features walls of just paintings, with the occasional tapestry or cross stitch. At last night's opening, we saw paintings, prints, sculpture, photography, mixed media, porcelain, fabric printing, weaving and plaiting, jewellery and much more.

There was also a section for "Wearable Arts Revisited", with a few of the entries from that show in January put on display for a "closer look."

I had a small table of my work there, but can you believe it, I forgot to photograph it! Whenever I thought about it, someone was there, and I was to embarrassed to be seen doing it! I will have to sneak back with my camera over the weekend.
As Kim and Charles were attending a wedding, we had William with us. He was very good, in spite of having a view mainly of people's legs. But like the rest of us, he enjoyed the lovely nibbles and punch.

For William, the entertainment really started once Tina and Sienna turned up.

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Karen said...

Lovely art and the children are so cute.

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