Sunday, April 12, 2009


This morning about 50 people gathered out at Simon's Water to celebrate the dawning of Easter Day as the sun rose over the sea.As we listened to the Bible account of the women going to the grave while it was still dark, we felt as if we were there.The sky was rather cloudy, but the glow was spread across the horizon, and we were able to witness the brief burst of bright light as the sun finally rose above the line of the sea. Unfortunately I could not see the dials to disable my flash on my camera, and I missed capturing the first bright red glow appearing in the darkness. Then the "Scene" setting lost its colour - hope that can be fixed!
After many of us went around the corner to Arthur's "Onion Patch", where we enjoyed Hot Cross buns, muffins, toast and fruit, as well as a warm cuppa and good fellowship.


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Karen said...

What can I say but "God Bless"

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