Monday, December 22, 2008

Whenever I am asked - as I am frequently at this time of year- if I am ready for Christmas yet, I usually reply that the "getting ready" is really the fun part, because once Christmas has come, it has gone!
I make a point of enjoying the whole of the Christmas season, and this year it has been particularly pleasant....with lots of good things to eat, as well as good company!

There has been quite a round of end-of-year Get-togethers and Christmas parties this December.
There was the "Shed Party", where Charles' Building Supplies, John's Joinery, and Fletcher Christian all combined to entertain and say thank you to staff and clients. Kim and Charles had worked hard for this for months. A clever shelter was rigged up with Brandt's help from the timber stacks.

We feasted on the "fatted pig" - alas all four of the pigs we have had as next-door-neighbours have now ended up on the spit or in the freezer!

Charles has been putting customers' names in a "hat" with every purchase, and the lucky winner of $600 worth of tools was Bill. Agnes had to remind him that Kim was not one of the prizes!!

It was a lovely family evening, and the children were kept well entertained on the Jumping Castle!

The day before, Bernie and I had indulged in two Christmas dinners, with all the "works.".

At lunchtime, the White Oaks Club had been royally entertained at "The Colonial". The Fijian staff not only made sure we were all enjoying ourselves, but entertained us afterwards.

That night it was the Rotary Christmas Dinner at Governor's Lodge, and I think we did it justice, even after a big feed earlier!

On this occasion we were entertained by "Pitcairn Trent" whose great voice, easy manner and big smile ensured we all had a wonderful time.

Bill goes home with his "doggy bag" which, he assured us, was definitely for the dog!
Meanwhile, Gary explains for our benefit how he means to buy cheaper oil from the Middle East!
The Tuesday Craft group had lunch at Mariah's followed by an afternoon of stitching!

We celebrated a couple of December birthdays as well.

Gifts were handed out, and I gave each of the girls one of my little felt birds.

But it was all too much for Andrea, who thought she would sleep it off!

On Thursday, the Chamber of Commerce organised a Christmas Pageant, and the main part of the shopping centre was blocked to traffic for 3 hours. There were stalls for food, tables of "specials" at all the shops, lots of entertainment, and Santa and his helpers were everywhere. The new fire engine had an outing too!

There have been lots of other occasions and gatherings for which I have no pictures, all of them most enjoyable. We have reached the age where there is no leasure in eating and drinking to excess. But the opportunities to meet with friends and colleagues, and let them know how much they are loved and appreciated is very special at this time of year!

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Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


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