Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am told that around Australia and New Zealand, many rural and country Shows are struggling, partly because of changing demographics and lifestyles .
However, our "Royal A&H Show here on Norfolk Island is still a proud tradition, and many in the community look forward each year to taking part. Produce, livestock, gardens, flowers, cooking, Art and crafts, preserves and pot plants - there is something for everyone who is ready and willing to have a go!

It was an especially good day for our Sarah, in the riding, as you can see by the ribbons around Brambles' neck!!

Brambles has only recently come to the island, and this was his firrst Show, so it was quite an achievement for them both!

And the "Colourful Cousins" Sarah, Emily, Anna and Amy, won second place in the Equestrian Fancy Dress with their portrayal of "The Wiggles."
And Emily was very proud when "Gottaloveit" was awarded first prize for best PonyClub mount.
There was plenty going on both inside and out of Rawson Hall.

The Poultry cages are always popular.

The bikies come to town. When they all drive in through the gates just after opening time, I must confess I just love the thrill of it, and admire the bond that exists between the rider and his/her bike!Our Show Society President David admires the display of entries for traditional Norfolk plaited hats.

John entered the olive wood table he had made for Poppa and Melissa. Meanwhile, Simon's magnificent greenwood rocking chair won the Best Exhibit in the Hall!!

A wonderful array of cakes and sweet goodies! Oh to ne a Judge in the Cooking section!!

This is where they keep the balloons before they go on sale!!

The kids line up for Fairy Floss

This intrigueing model was in the Floral Art Section

And this vegetable model of a chook was in the schoolchildren's section

At the Show we get to see the best of what this island and its people can produce! And it makes us realise that whatever the future holds, with financial crises and the like, we are surrounded by all we need to sustain us!!

And by the way - forgive me for having a little boast - but ny marmalade got first prize for the second year in a row!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning first prize Mary, wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary

Well done on the marmalade one day we will make it over for the show as it sounds like fun. Did Kim do any good I wonder, she usually puts in a cake or two. Hope all is well with you and Bernie

Karen & John mason

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