Sunday, October 26, 2008


May and George are two people who are wonderful examples of the philosophy "Bloom where you are planted."

And in their lives they have been 'planted' in many out of the way places.

As a Seventh Day Adventist pastor, with May close by his side, George has been posted to many places in Australia and New Zealand. But the best years of their lives have been spent in places like Rarotonga, Fiji and New Guinea, and now, in what is the last posting before they really retire (???) they have come to spend a few years in Norfolk Island. Wherever they have been, these two have been a valued, productive and caring part of the community.

A couple of years ago, the old Church House in New Cascade Road was carted away on wheels, and work commenced on a new building. This had been in the planning for a long time. It was also a long time in the building process, and for a whole year George and May moved their goods and chattels into two tiny adjoining flats quite a distance from the church. Their daily work, as well as their hobbies and wonderful hospitality went on cheerfully and unabated, even under the difficult conditions.

Finally the day came to move into the new house, and they had it looking like home in no time at all.

Now just look at the garden, just six months after they have moved in! Lots of colourful hanging baskets, rose bushes just loaded with blooms, annuals and perennials, all a riot of colour. As Peter Cundall would say "Bloomin' marvellous!"

Just as George and May bloom where they are planted, it is obvious they have told their plants to do the same!

Their first prizes in our Show for "Best Newly Established Garden" and for "Best Road frontage" were well deserved. They also earned a prize in the "Best Senior Citizen's Garden".

I believe that George and May are somewhat nervous about being the potential cause of a road accident, as they watch from their front window and see cars suddenly slow right down or stop when they see the profusion of planting and colour!

Before they finish their term here next year, May has asked her crafty friends to contribute a block to a memory quilt. Because she is not given to procrastination like most of us, she has already begun to put the quilt together in its basic form.

I just love the block Annette did for her. It pictures the house and garden just beautifully!

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Anonymous said...

Really beautiful, I can see why the cars slow down to have a look. The quilt is lovely as well.

What was the object on the roof, a solar panel of some type?

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