Sunday, October 12, 2008


It has become a tradition for our New Zealand granddaughters Sarah and Emily to visit us for the October schoolholidays. A major attraction is that this is our A&H Show time, with an opportunity to participate in the horse riding events. It is also catch-up time with uncles. and with cousins Anna and Amy.

On the very first day, Anna and Amy joined us for Emily's birthday lunch, and eleven days later, the girls have not been apart for a minute, day or night!!
Sometimes they are at Devon, some nights are spent at Jo and Glen's, and many of the days are spent at Silky Oaks stables and on trail rides.........

going up the hill to Sweeties (the lolly shop)........

Catching up with other friends.......such as Gracie!

One evening the Pony Club had a farewell barbecue for Evie.

Fun and games around the computer....

or some other activity.

Early one morning, the girls decided to teach the dogs to jump hurdles -with mixed results! But it was fun, and even Misty the Cat joined in. Later that morning they created walking tracks in the woodland, and devised a Treasure Hunt! No couch potatoes here!!

The girls really looked forward to seeing Kim, Charles and William when they came back from Samoa this morning..

Their energy and imagination is boundless, and the four of them are cementing what will no doubt be a lifelong friendship.

Yesterday, one of the highlights of the fortnight was their participation in the Led-in classes for the Show. Sarah mainly worked with Bramble, while Emily and Gottaloveit were a great team. Both earned ribbons!!
Sarah shows us the plaiting for which she earned a blue ribbon!

Gottaloveit is part Clydesdale, and somewhat laid back, but Emily does wonders with him.
Tomorrow is the main Show Day, and the actual riding events. There have been great preparations going on, getting gear cleaned and polished, grooming the horses, and getting things ready for the BIG FANCY DRESS. The four girls have planned a Star Act involving the four of them ...and also involving Granny as artistic director!

Watch this space!!

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