Monday, December 17, 2007


In my last post I wrote about some little gifts I had made for Christmas giving. I was in the middle of writing it, when I had a visitor. it was Jenny, who has lived on the island on and off for some years, but is returning to New Zealand.

Jenny's sister Carolyn is a mixed media artist in Wanganui New Zealand, and I was privileged to take part in workshops she conducted here on the island last year. When I looked up Carolyn on the net, I found that she is modest and gives away little about herself...preferring to let her work speak for itself. But one description in a blurb about the studio she shares with another artist says she "works intuitively in mixed media and three dimensional forms." She is certainly versatile, and in her workshops she taught us a great variety of techniques. More importantly, she encouraged us to "free ourselves up" and break boundaries, and I feel I have not been the same since!

Now Carolyn's sister Jenny (my visitor) has been the housekeeper at our Norfolk Island Government House, and has earned a wonderful reputation for her wonderful creative decorating skills and innovative floral arrangements.

In a Needlework Exhibition that was held recently in Government House, Jenny put on display a few small pieces by her sister Carolyn. The display included some small collaged pictures and cards. I must confess I kept sneaking back while no one was looking and gently handling them so I could examine them more closely (There were "No touching" notices everywhere, understandably!) But they were so beautiful I just could not resist - sorry Carolyn and Bianca, I was ever so careful!

Anyway, back to Jenny's my great delight Jenny had brought me a parting gift, including one of Carolyn's little heart-mounted collages and a card also made by her.

Both are exquisite. The card is a "window" type, and features collaged scraps - fabric, ribbon, thread etc - sandwiched between translucent film. Now I am dying to know what she has used and how it was done!

Thank you so much Jenny and Carolyn - you have given me such inspiration and pleasure!

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