Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Father Christmas had made his nocturnal visit on Christmas Eve while we were sleeping ( and some of us were not sleeping for very long!)and left a generous pile of gifts at Devon for the Christian-Baileys.

So you can imagine our surprise when he made a return appearance after Christmas lunch. Just as we were digesting our ample helpings of seafood, pork, turkey and all sorts of other goodies, we heard an unusual noise, which got louder and louder.
Then through the gap in the trees we saw the most amazing sight. It was Santa driving Charles' Bobcat!

It is a good thing that Charles was not around at the time, and could not see the old fellow doing wheelstands on his precious bit of machinery!
Teddy and Sienna could not believe their eyes. It appears that Santa had forgotten a few things the night before, and had to do a second round of deliveries.

A large sack of presents was unloaded from the bucket of the Bobcat and deposited on the path at our feet. There were a few lollies for the kids, and we all thanked Santa for going to so much trouble!Then with a hearty "Ho-ho-ho", and a few more tricks on the lawn, he departed and left us to hand out and unwrap our gifts.

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