Friday, December 21, 2007


William (aka Liam) is our first grandson, and lives with Mum Kim and Dad Charles just behind us.

Our dear little man is now 8 months old, and a delight to us all. Here he is enjoying a joke with his Mum, while Roany the dog looks on.

We used to laugh when Bernie's Dad said of our babies;"He (or she) is just getting to the interesting stage. But now we know what he meant. Every new step, stage and discovery is a wonder to behold.

Best of all, William is now of an age when he recognises familiar people, and so we really feel we are a part of his life.

Here he is getting to know his great-aunt Sally, visiting from Sydney.

Because William already loves books, I decided to make him some baby-friendly books for Christmas. For this first one I cut out some animal pictures from fabric, and fused and sewed them to bright backgrounds. It is of a size where it will be easy for him to handle.

Although he is a very clever little boy, William has not yet learned to use a computer. So hopefully these books will still be a surprise for him on Christmas Day!

This second book is from a fabric panel I bought many years ago. Funnily enough, my friend Joy has just made the same panel into a quilt, after having it away in a cupboard for many years!

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Anonymous said...

This is a very clever idea and one I'll have to tuck away in my mind for when I become a grandmother.


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