Thursday, August 23, 2007


I don't believe I have ever seen such a beautiful flower.

It belongs to the broad-leafed Meryta, growing outside the office at Fletcher Christian Apartments. The Meryta is endemic to Norfolk Island - although I believe a very close relative grows on the Three Kings Islands at the far north of New Zealand. There are quite a few growing round the island, especially since the Forestry Depaartment started propagating them, and we have several in our driveway. But I have never seen one bloom as brightly and spectacularly as this one. Needless to say, the bees are enjoying a real feast!

Meanwhile, while I had my camera out, I thought I would capture a very pretty azalea.

And then the hydrangea, whose flowers , although dried out, stay on the bush right through winter, and take on a beautiful range of colours after they have lost their original fresh blues.

And finally the long-legged begonias, which bloom profusely right through the winter!

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