Friday, August 03, 2007


Quite a few of the locals were down at the Kingston Oval last Saturday to watch the football. But if you had just happened to be passing by, and did not really know what was going on, you may have been a bit surprised and puzzled.

They were definitely not your typical mob of fit and muscled young hunks. Some of them were somewhat on the portly side, and there were quite a few grey hairs. The pace was definitely a little slower than normal, and many of the players almost seemed to be treating each other with uncharacteristic courtesy and respect!
This was a "Golden Oldies" game, with the visiting Brisbane team playing our local "Convicts."

To be a Golden Oldie, you must be over 35, but there is no upper age limit, as these pictures will show. This is Cyril, who is kicking a goal after successfully scoring a try! Cyril will be 92 next birthday, I believe.You will notice that Cyril is wearing yellow pants. Some of the other players wore red pants. I believe these are like a notice that says "Careful - hands off - I am a bit fragile!" But if that is the price of being able to really get in and enjoy yourself the way you used to, then that is fine! There are other modifications to the rules too, but the enthusiasm of both players and spectators is every bit as strong as if it were a conventional game!

The funny thing was that at the end of the game, no one seemed to know who had won, let alone the score! That did not seem to be the point of the exercise.

Meanwhile, on the sidelines, some of the kids had set up their own informal game, no doubt inspired by their dads, granddads and uncles out there on the field.

Another Golden Oldies team is here from Bundaberg this weekend. We look forward to more action on the field!

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