Sunday, March 25, 2007


Just after midnight yesterday, Bernie and I became aware of activity and vehicles in the driveway leading down to Charles' and Kim's house, which is just behind ours. Soon after came a phone call from Charles to say that Kim's waters had broken, and they were at the hospital.

Kim had been scheduled for a C Section next Tuesday, and the prospective parents had been boasting that they were getting to choose their baby' birthday!
But the baby had other ideas. Bernie and I headed to the hospital, where we waited in the nurses' lounge. It was a little frustrating, because although the baby had been born at about 1/4 to 2, no one came from the Theatre until everything was sewn up and cleaned up more than an hour later!

But eventually we received the wonderful news that we had a healthy grandson. We were able to spend a little time with him, and also with the very proud new parents.

He looks so much like Charles did as a new baby, the likeness is incredible. But he seems to have more of Kim's colouring. And we have agreed that he has nice shaped feet like both his grandfathers! Isn't it amazing how we examine every physical detail of a new baby...I guess it is all part of the bonding process!

Yesterday afternoon, both Bernie and I were able to have a long cuddle of this very new member of the family.

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elnkel said...

Congratulations Bernie & Mary - and to Charles & Kim too, of course! The new C-B looks very handsome.

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