Sunday, March 11, 2007


I have no doubt mentioned that we are to become grandparents again very soon, with Charles' and Kim's first baby due in 2 or 3 weeks.

Yesterday was the day of Kim's Baby Shower, and would you believe it, the heavens opened up the night before with some much needed heavy rain showers, with the drizzle continuing throughout the day. But it did not spoil the lovely occasion, with a number of female friends and rellies gathering together under the roof of our patio to wish Kim all the best, and to make a fuss of her for an hour or two before she makes a start on her very busy life as a Mum.

Tina had organised some fun games and activities, including a competition where we had to estimate the size of Kim's belly with a length of toilet paper! Another belly comparison tok place when Kim and Joanna (due about the same time) lined up their bumps!!

There was a chart for people to make a guess at the size and sex of the baby, and suggestions for names and who the baby will probably look like. Some of the answers were somewhat tongue-in-cheek!

There was much ooh-ing and ah-ing as Kim unwrapped some lovely gifts, which included some very unexpected hand-knitted garments! (Well done Linda - you are not just clever round computers!)
It is hard to imagine that the tiny person inside Kim's belly (currently known as "Little Nibby") will be wearing some of these little garments before long. Kim felt very spoilt with all those thoughtful and generous gifts.

Young Anna and Amy acted as scribes, writing down the list of gifts and givers for future thank you's.
Everyone contributed to a delicious afternoon tea.

The menfolk had been banned from attending unless they were prepared to wear skirts. No one took up the challenge, although 2 or 3 did appear later in the afternoon! Here are the father-to-be and the grandfather-to-be! Bernie had shut himself up at the far end of the house for most of the afternoon, but said there was plenty of noise and laughter drifting up...a good sign that we were enjoying ourselves.

I could not resist the opportunity to get a picture of 3 generations of Bailey girls as they left. Unfortunately cousin Marie had already gone, or it would have been four!

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