Friday, March 30, 2007

Just a week ago, he was not here. He was a figment of our hopes, dreams and imagination. He was a swelling in his mother's belly. He was an anticipated visitor, for whom there had been much planning and preparation. But we had not yet met him.

Today, we are madly, head over heels in love with this little man.

He fills our waking thoughts and our night time dreams.

The name "William" peppers our every conversation.

We cannot imagine a time when he was not here, part of our family.

His Mum has formed a lifelong bond, and the ties will never be broken.

His Dad is the proudest man alive.

His grandparents are ecstatic about their first grandson. And the New Zealand grandparents are anxiously counting the sleeps until they meet him in person, instead of relying on emailed photographs!

And his uncles, aunts and cousins are ready to serve and protect him, and dance loving attendance on him.

William Mason Christian-Bailey - Born 1.46 a.m. Saturday 24th March 2007 - 7lb 5oz

1 comment:

Sandie said...

Congratulations Mary and families, what a beautiful addition to your family! He's gorgeous!

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