Monday, October 16, 2006

Last Monday was the day of our annual Norfolk Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Show. This is a traditional Country show, but we are extremely proud of our Royal patronage, granted in 1968.
There have been Shows held on Norfolk ever since 1860, but there is a link that goes back even further than that. It was Fletcher Christian's first cousin, John Christian Curwen, who is credited with forming the very first agricultural society in England, in 1805.
I usually get asked to help judge the Needlework section in the Hall exhibits, something I enjoy doing, although I feel somewhat guilty about using it an excuse for not actually entering instead!
I try to make sure the other judge is someone who has plenty of technical expertise with needlework, to counterbalance my own focus on creativity, originality and aesthetics or "wow factor." We can only hope we get it right. I must admit we often do a bit of juggling, moving things from one class to another, in order to give out as many awards as possible! I would like to give a prize to everyone who takes the trouble to enter!
When I had finished judging, I took the opportunity to zoom around the hall with my camera, before the official opening to the public. My idea was to get pictures of flowers and fruit and produce to print out onto fabric using the computer...I have a real weakness for fruit and vegetable prints, so thought I could make my own, to use in Crazy patchwork projects.
The top picture is just part of 'Farmer Lou's' entry in the farm produce section. I think you will agree it is magnificent!
After the Show, a lot of the produce is auctioned off, with funds going to the hospital.
I think you will agree that it is all quite inspiring!

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