Saturday, October 21, 2006

The granddaughters Emily and Sarah were visiting Granny and Grandad for the school holidays in October, and spent plenty of time up at Silky Oaks stables and out on trail rides. To their delight, they had the opportunity to compete in the Equestrian events in the A&H Show.
Emily competed with Possum, a somewhat mature horse who has reached an age where he feels he deserves to be allowed to do things at his own pace, thank you. Nevertheless, Em worked a bit of "Possum magic" on him, and they made a great team.
Sarah, meanwhile, worked with Kit-Kat, who is the white and brown horse in the background. (I am sure there is a proper name for his colouring, but I am not much good with horse language!) In this picture, Sarah is working with another horse in the led-in section of the Show, which took place on the Saturday. Kit-Kat is somewhat younger and less experienced, this being his very first Show too. But he and Sarah were a good partnership.
The actual riding events took place on the Monday, the actual Show Day, and the girls had a great time, and came home with lots of ribbons. However, Emily left one of hers wrapped around the post in Possum's stall, because she felt he really deserved it for all his hard work!
Adding to all the fun was the fact that the girls' cousins Anna and Amy are also right into the horseriding scene, and were competing with them.
The four girls had a great sleepover at Devon one night, and really loved having the opportunity to get to know each other better. They can't wait till the next holidays!

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