Thursday, October 05, 2006

Why would anyone go to a Garage Sale, and buy a teapot without a lid?
Even a fat white Coalport teapot?
I think you will agree that it makes a wonderful vase for these nasturtiums. I love nasturtiums, and have always felt they needed unusual containers to show off their rambling habit. Perhaps this stems from my childhood days, when there was a story in my "Dick and Dora" reader about some nasturtiums that were planted in a pair of boots!
In any case, these free-spirited blooms have brightened what has been a topsy-turvy couple of days for me.
Yesterday morning, we were putting the finishing touches to the "Best in Show" Museum display that I have been putting together for the Agricultural and Horticultural Society for this month. I made one final visit to the A&H office in town to get just a few more old trophies to fill in a few spaces. As I left the office, I reversed into what was virtually a paddock...and would you believe it...this tall spindly tree fair jumped out at me and left quite a scrape and dint along the side of my car! I felt so stupid, especially as we have not yet repaired the spot where the bank on the side of the road leapt out at my headlights a few months ago.
Oh well. The official opening of the exhibition went well last night, and everyone seemed to find the display really interesting.
This morning Emily and Sarah "veged" out in front of the TV, both of them feeling somewhat weary from all the horse riding they have been doing lately in preparation for the Show. This gave me a break to do some much needed vacuuming and preparation for the lunch I am putting on for the Cattle judge and stewards tomorrow.
This afternoon was sad and poignant. We went to the funeral for a much beloved lady, Dottie. Both Bernie and I have very beautiful (but different) memories going a long way back of this dear person, who, although she was rarely seen in public outside her home, had a special place in the hearts of so many people whom she had touched with her warmth and love. It was a huge funeral, and was conducted with a moving simplicity by our new chaplain Rod.
Dottie loved flowers. I think I will dedicate my free spirited blossoms to her.

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