Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An unexpected and much appreciated gift of a large quantity of end-of-bolt upholstery fabric has given me the impetus to get in and finish off a few projects, such as this cushion.
I think I must have done most of the work on the Crazy Patch front a couple of years ago, during my "shabby chic" phase, when I was somewhat hooked on these soft pink/green combinations. Come to think of it, I still love this rather classical look, partly because it reminds me somewhat of my mother, who was a great exponent of "Shabby Chic" without ever knowing it.
The cushion is on the bed in Edward's room, and in the background you will see the lovely soft green chenille bedspread, one of a pair I was delighted to find and purchase at the Op Shop recently. There is something about this soft turquoisey/mint green that I find extremely nostalgic. I remember it was the favourite colour in my paintbox when I was a small child.
Actually, Edward's room has undergone a somewhat feminine transformation while he is away working in Sydney. But it is only a surface thing, achieved with hangings, pictures, bed linen and ornaments. I am sure I can quickly reverse the effect, and change it back to a more masculine room when he comes home for Christmas!
Meanwhile I have a couple of other cushions that are finished or nearly finished, which I will show you in postings in the near future.
As for the upholtsery fabric....well, Ross (our friendly upholsterer) arrived with a vanload a couple of weekends ago. He was having a clean-out. Well, you know the person's clean-out becomes another person's junk pile. Bernie was remarkably restrained when he saw this massive, untidy mound of bolts of fabric all over the verandah. I should have taken a photo, but felt the urgency of unwinding it from those big bolts into more manageable folded piles before my DH's patience was really put to the test! Now I have it hidden all over the place, in cupboards here and there, behind doors, in the boot of my car. I am using some for these current projects, I gave some to Tony, who makes lots of cushions for people, and some has gone to the Op Shop. But I must confess that there are a couple of bolts, in the "too-hard basket", still there on the verandah, giving rise to mutterings from Bernie, and mumbled excuses from me every time we pass them!
But one bolt - about 25 metres of poly gingham in a striking dark green and white check- was used the very next day in a marathon sewing session. I made it into about 10 picnic/party table cloths to replace the old faithful red and white ones that have served us faithfully for about 20 years or more.
Meanwhile...can anyone suggest a use for about 40 metres of dark green poly corduroy velvet?

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elnkel said...

In text messaging LOL stands for Laugh Out Loud. When I read about Bernie and your stock-pile of fabrics I did LOL!!

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