Thursday, September 21, 2006


The picture above shows John and Bernie sharing a few moments on Cascade wharf before the catamaran Incinerator was put into the water on Tuesday afternoon.

We have spoken to the boys on the Incinerator a couple of times by satellite phone, and this morning they were over halfway to Lord Howe Island. For the first night and day of sailing, the sea was like a millpond, and in spite of a few problems with one of the outboards, they were making great progress.
Since then there has been a bit of wind and some choppy seas, but they are fine. In fact, they say have so much food aboard, thanks to everyone's generosity and some over-enthusiastic provisioning, they are doubtful if they would manage to get through it in forty days and forty nights!!
Meanwhile, thanks to Jonno at the Printery, I have managed to find some pictures of the original rescue operation last December.

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abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Mary, I found this so interesting to read about - look forwards to hearing of them arriving! Hugs Sandie

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