Saturday, September 16, 2006

His name is George, but he has rarely been called anything but "Kik" since he was a boy.
Last week he reached his OBE (Over B...... Eighty), and we celebrated in grand style.
Kik is much loved by us all, but the young ones think he is really special. Our son Peter has enormous respect and affection for him.
Early on the birthday morning, Kik's grandkids and other young blokes all formed a Norfolk "Groundforce" and headed up to Cutters' Corn to mow the lawn, trim the hedges etc. as their gift on this special day. Actually Peter had to leave the John Deere ride-on mower from Fletcher Christian up there while he went to clear the mail from that morning's plane. Kik took great delight in thanking him for his wonderful present when he saw Peter later!
About 80 of us gathered at the South Pacific for a wonderful smorgasbord lunch, organised by Bonnie and the family. It was a great Norfolk occasion.
Greg Quintal paid a special tribute, recalling Kik's young days, when he seemed to score all the best girls and horses! Greg also had a chuckle recounting a recent occasion when Kik was playing Jaero (a Norfolk card game) at White Oak Club. As he produced the trump card to win the game, he raised his hand and said: "Thank you Lord"...and a solemn, but mischievous voice called back "You're welcome!"
Then it was the grandkids' turn, and they left us in no doubt of the strong anfd beneficial influence their Pop has had on their lives.
Kik's presence is pretty important at any occasion in this community, because he is our "lead singer!" In church, every vistor's head turns to see where the glorious sound is coming from. He always has the job of starting off the Pitcairn anthem or the Norfolk grace. Glad to say that grandson Wes has inherited the good singing voice, as well as Kik's good nature!
Congratulations and well done, Kik! And many happy returns!


elnkel said...

Another very entertaining piece of writing Mary, but of course, you had a great subject in Kik. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Kik. Eleanor & Kelly

Anonymous said...

I believe that George may be my Godfather. The name George Quintal is on my baptism certificate. I was baptised on 15th February 1948 at All Saint's, Kingston. My Father (Rev. Gordon Gerber) was the Church of England Chaplain on the Island at the time, living there for a few years with his wife Marion.
Could anyone confirm this, and/or put me in touch with George, if he was the George on my records.

Paul Gerber (

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