Saturday, February 22, 2014


Before Christmas, someone asked me to make a bag as a special commission. It was to be a Christmas gift for a lady who suffered a very unfortunate health event a couple of years ago, resulting in a severe loss of mobility and independence.
This lady, who was once very creative, vibrant and active, is now confined to our local hospital. However, she does enjoy regular coffee outings with a group of friends. The idea was to give her a bag in which she could place her wallet, and then hang it on her new wheelchair.

 I was asked to make something that was colourful and also very textural, as this lady's eyesight is deteriorating. When I asked for her favourite colours, I was a little taken back to learn that they were orange and lime green! Now that was a challenge for me!
 I decided that a background of patchworked denims would be a foil for these bright colours, as well as giving the bag a more modern twist.
I had a great deal of fun with dyed laces, buttons, beads, threads and ribbons in the chosen colours.
It is very satisfying to work on a project like this, and I was rummaging through containers for little treasures that I have been saving for years for just the right occasion!
 This is the back of the bag - quite distinctive! I have dyed some of the denims a little.

 My camera was definitely not behaving well on the day - all my pictures are a little blurry, I'm afraid.
Actually, before I made this bag, I had already started on a couple of other bag fronts with a denim background. They are still U.F.O.'s (unfinished objects), but the idea has great possibilities.
My blogging muse still seems to be "on leave", but hopefully things will get better. We have had quite a change to our routines lately, and I am still adjusting!

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Anonymous said...

This bag is just wonderful, I'm sure the lady you designed it for was just thrilled. What a great idea to incorporate some texture into it as well. I love the colours although they wouldn't have been my choice they look so good on this bag.

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