Saturday, February 22, 2014


Our pool at Fletcher Christian has been there for about 25 years! We had finally got to the stage where the liner could be patched no more.
One thing led to another, and we ended up doing a major refurbishment!

First there were new timber surrounds and deck.
Then someone suggested that we build a gazebo, island style!
Our Vanuatan friends worked very hard producing the necessary palm frond tiles for the roof. This involved many hours of work every evening up at the Nakamal.
Finally came the day to fix the roof. We had Alan and Sam and George busy on the job.

It was amazing how quickly the job proceeded
With Charles lending a hand too!

A drink to cool off
A drink to cool off.
It really looks lovely and tropical!

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Anonymous said...

The pool and gazebo look great, I can see many family gatherings happening around this pool.

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