Saturday, February 09, 2013


I do not seem to have posted regularly of late, and I am not sure why. That is, apart from the fact that at my age,I have probably already said and done most things I want to say and do, so it is sometimes hard to come up with something fresh which will not bore you!!
Tina, who also finds it hard to get to her blogs regularly, suggests we should try making them shorter, and perhaps just try to feature one good photo each week. She may be on the right track there, and I admit my blogs have been rather labour-intensive productions in recent years - although I really enjoy writing them once I get going.
So I thought I would start with this lovely shot emailed to me by Lou during the week.

Don't you love him? This is our bull, looking over the gate at Simon's Water. Lou saw him when she was driving past, and couldn't resist it! Actually it is Speed's bull. Our fellow "Handsome" is out at New Farm Road giving Speed's girls a change of partner, while his magnificent specimen ( we call him "Speedo")is giving our girls a thrill. They are both Poll Herefords, which is a great breed for Norfolk Island.

But from the look of him, he has spotted some more "talent" in a paddock over the road, and has decided the grass is definitely greener on the other side!

Now I knew I could not confine myself to just one picture.......
Here is a "fabric page" I made for one of the girls in our Fibre Fever Round Robin. Annet wanted pages with a "Fantasy" theme, so I chose a Fairy theme.
The page has been done with collaged and hand-painted lace, embellished with embroidery, tatting, buttons and beads and other doodads. It is 6 inches square. It was posted off to The Netherlands and arrived in under a week. That is what happens when you have fairy wings helping you!
Below is another little fairy cushion, one of three I made some years ago.

And another larger one, using the lace collage technique...

 Sorry, the light is not very good in this one, but you get the idea....
 I will tell you something funny. I really thought I had "invented" this lace collage technique. because I had never seen anything quite like it. But I have since learned that there is a lace called "Normandy Lace" where small pieces of special and precious lace are pieced together into a larger piece. I guess my technique comes close to that.


Unknown said...

Hello Mary

I have read your blog for several years and I enjoy it tremendously. Living in Washington, DC I can't imagine the wonderfulness of living on an island with so much beauty.
Well today you had some additional beauty with those fairies. I love those fairies and I am wondering from where you got them. I especially loved the one that flew off to the Netherlands.
So if you get a chance perhaps you would check out my new blog and let me know how you obtained them.
Thanks for all the info and time you put into your blog.

Anonymous said...

I love all your lace pieces Mary they look divine. I never get tired of seeing them. The bull picture was a good one as well.

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